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General terms & conditions of use of Car Park

Alderson  House  (Warwick)  Ltd  accept  no  responsibility  whatsoever  for persons, vehicles or property whilst  on  or  within  our  premises,  including its grounds,  car park  and  outbuildings. 

All  persons  and/or  items  belonging  to  them  or  a  3rd  party,  other than Alderson house  (Warwick) Ltd,  are  excluded  from  our  building, contents  and liability insurances  and  all  persons  are  reminded that  they  are  responsible for  the general safety,  safekeeping  and  any subsequent losses, including consequential losses, howsoever caused.

For the avoidance of doubt, any loss or damage to your own or others property is your responsibility. Permit holders  agree  to  use  the  car  park  in  accordance with  the time/day  applicable to their permit only. 

Furthermore  that  they  will  endeavour  to  keep  safely  the ate  access  code and  not  to  pass  this to  others  for  casual  use  or  that  would  otherwise cause  the  violation  of  the  number of spaces allocated to them. 

Where there is a breach of these conditions permits will be withdrawn with immediate effect and no refunds will be offered. Due  to  functions  occurring within  the  main  building,  ‘working  week’  customers may be  asked  to vacate  the  car  park  by  4.30 PM  on  approximately  8  evenings per year. 

For ‘evening  and weekend’  customers  we  would  expect  to  have spaces available after 11.30 pm, however parking between 6.00 PM and 11.30 PM should not be expected on these aforementioned 8 evenings.

All invoices  and  payment  will  be  on  an  ‘in  advance”  basis.  Alderson House (Warwick)   Ltd reserve the  right  to  seek  collection of  any  monies  due where  services have been reserved allocated and/or used. Any  use  of  the car park by  way  of  a  permit, short term  use  or  casual  use  will  be  deemed to be an acceptance of these terms and they will be binding in English law.

Note: All prices are subject to VAT. All prices shown in UK pounds Sterling (£) and are subject to change without notice.

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